Client Testimonials

Norma Sharp- Retired Postal Worker

"I attended a retirement planning presentation they conducted in 2007. I was seeking an advisor to help me prepare for retirement income. Before meeting with them I was very confused about when I should retire so that I would maximize my income. They helped make sense of it all. I have been very satisfied with the service over the years. I know that my money is safe and in the right place."

James "Ed" Johnston- Retired FAA Air Traffic Controller

"I attended a couple of retirement planning presentations they conducted back in 2008. I also met with them on three separate occasions before making my final decision to go with their recommendation. I have to say I have been very pleased with the plan that they put together for me. Everything has worked as they explained that it would. I have had above average growth in my account, no fees, and have never lost any money due to market fluctuations. I would recommend them to anyone looking for straight answers especially when it comes to a TSP rollover."

Deloris Burtin- Postal Employee

"I was referred to Federal Employee Benefit Advisors by a fellow co-worker. When I decided to meet with them I really didn't think I needed their help. Boy was I wrong! They revealed hidden costs and pitfalls within my employee benefit plan that I was totally unaware of. They helped me better understand my benefits and put together a plan that will secure a much better retirement and showed me how to consolidate some other assets I had to improve the benefits and lower the costs. If you are a federal employee looking for answers that will help you, I recommend you call them."

Milford Baker- Retired Postal worker/Farmer

"As I was approaching retirement from the Postal Service I started seeking an organization that could make sense of my benefits and transition that into retirement. When I met with them they took a lot of time to review every aspect of my finances to come up with a plan that would keep my funds safe and provide flexible income that has worked out well for me and my family. It has been a pleasure working with them and I would recommend Federal Employee Benefit Advisors for anyone looking for a common sense approach to retirement income planning."

Sharon Clark- Postmaster

"I have worked for the Postal Service for many years and never really understood my benefits package. My current advisor had no training or knowledge of my employee benefits package and OPM didn't really give me advice, they just told me what I had and what options were available. It was very refreshing to find a seasoned financial organization like Federal Employee Benefit Advisors that has an intimate knowledge of the federal employee benefits system, how to get the most out of it and save me money. Their book THE INFORMED FED is an easy read and very informative. Every federal employee should get a copy of this awesome book and request a full benefit assessment."