Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

FEGLI is designed to go away:

The cost for options A, B and C go up over time and most federal employees don't notice it until they get past the age of 50. Basic (also known as Regular) benefit decreases as the employee gets older. Postal employees don't pay for this coverage unless they retire prior to age 65. All other federal employees pay for this coverage regardless. The benefit can be reduced by as much as 75%!

Example: John is 40 years old. His salary is $75,000 per year and has Option B x 5. He is paying $32.50/mo. for this coverage right now. Sounds like a bargain right? Well it's not! Look what happens as John gets older!!!

Age 45: $56.88/mo.      Age 50: $89.38/mo.

Age 55:$162.50/mo.      Age 60: $357.50/mo.

Age 65: $438.75/mo.     Age 70: $780/mo.

Age 75 : $1462.50/mo.  Age 80+: $2153.13/mo.

FEGLI does not have living benefits:

Having funds available to provide for long-term care and costs related to a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure or organ transplant is important. The plans we provide for federal employees include coverage for these needs should they arise. FEGLI is a stripped down version of life insurance. No living benefits of any kind.

FEGLI has no cash value:

All benefits received from life insurance are tax-free including the cash value. Depending upon the structure of the life insurance policy the insured can use the cash value for tax-free income. This is not possible with FEGLI.

FEGLI is overpriced:

As seen in the example above FEGLI becomes unaffordable over time. We provide policies to our clients that guarantee the premium will never go up. This can be for the life of the client depending upon the type of policy they choose.

There is no cost or obligation to find out how much money you could be saving!

Contact our FEGLI replacement department at 1-844-560-7329 ext. 317 for a quote today.